We help business to business and consumer-focused food companies:

  • Develop new product concepts and take them to market
  • Evaluate and redesign production processes to increase efficiency
  • Transform underutilized or waste resources into value-added products
  • Re-engineer food production systems from micro to macro levels


We work collaboratively with our clients through a tested engagement model.


We actively evaluate new client opportunities and partnerships. We typically work on a project basis with terms that may include project fees and a licensing or royalty structure.

Maxime Bilet, Founder +1.917.428.4173
Erica Chriss, CEO +1.510.409.9200


Re-imagining “Farm to Table”

  • A Canadian organic farm with a limited growing season engaged us to create new revenue streams by transforming fresh ingredients on-site into value-added products they could market year round.
  • We evaluated their operations, designed an on-site production facility, and created formulations and processes to produce new signature packaged food products.
  • Our engagement involved extensive R&D, staff training, and site visits.

Turning Waste into a Delicacy

  • A seafood processing company wanted to find alternative uses for previously discarded fish parts.
  • Drawing on our library of intellectual property, we developed and tested techniques to transform salmon ‘waste’ into a unique, locally produced bottarga to be sold to restaurant kitchens and high-end retail establishments.

Enlarging the Coffee Experience

  • A Fortune 500 Company was looking for new ideas to differentiate the planned international opening of a brand new consumer retail experience focused on all things coffee.
  • We led multiple face to face ideation meetings to generate concepts for new consumer experiences focused on coffee.
  • Based on these engagements, we developed detailed plans for the design of menu items, physical spaces, and consumer experiences.

Modern Restaurant In-a-box

  • An investment group in China planned to open a restaurant chain focused on creating uniquely and consistently delicious food at Michelin-star levels at an affordable price point.
  • We created a complete restaurant menu focused on creating consistent and easily replicable food that utilized modernist methods, reduced waste, and was easily scalable.

Inspiring the Home Cook

  • A manufacture of premium kitchen appliances needed to build a new market with consumer versions of the latest restaurant technology.
  • We worked with the client to evaluate their consumer equipment, brainstorm novel in-home uses, and created documentation and recipes aimed at the ambitious home cook.

Our technical expertise is broad, but several areas of focus may be of particular interest:

  • We have developed breakthrough fermentation process to improve control and dramatically accelerate production time for wide variety of fermented food and beverages.
  • Formulated plant-based menus.
  • Developed a new process to create a coffee-based beverage that tastes better and last longer in the bottle.